Amani as a business and a partner

Amani Safaris’ expertise can be broken down into two main headings, tourism and community project integration.  Tourism is an important income source for local projects as well as providing employment for the local population. 

However, it is also an essential means by which the world beyond DRC’s borders gains insight into the daily lives of the Congolese and all that is being done to reconstruct the country by and for its people.  Access to these projects through organised tours raises awareness, encourages support and establishes links, all of which brings hope of long term success and ends isolation.


  • Cultural tourism
  • Eco tourism
  • Gorilla permit acquisition
  • Custom safari trips
  • Visa procurement
  • Airport transfer
  • Car hire

Amani’s community project integration programs include:

  • Post-conflict peace building
  • Women and youth economic empowerment
  • Community service
  • Nature conservation
  • Environmental protection
  • Energy saving
  • Reforestation
  • Learning and innovation development
  • Technology and skills transfer
  • Homestead farming development