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Mountain Gorillas in Congo

Virunga National Park, a World Heritage site,is home to more than a quarter of the world’s remaining 790 critically endangered mountain gorillas. Virunga’s mountain gorillas live onthe verdant jungle slopes of the park’s towering volcanoes. In this spectacular setting, one of man’s closest relatives lives as they have donefor thousands of years. Mothers care for their infants, juveniles play without a care in the world, adolescent males wrestle in preparation for future tests of dominance, and the family patriarch, the dominant male silverback, keeps a watchful eye on all. Of the few remaining places to witness the mountain gorilla, Virunga National Park stands alone as the most exotic.If you are fortunate enough to visit the park’s mountain gorillas, you will be awestruck and forever changed. In tracking Congo’s mountain gorillas you will also be helping to ensure the survival of this magnificent creature.