The founders of Amani Safaris Congo

Gregorie Bakunzi Co-FounderDavid Makerele Co-FounderGregorie Bakunzi is a co- founder with David Nenwa Makeke of Amani Safaris.  They embarked on their joint venture in 2011 after realising that Congo has much to offer as a destination for adventurous travellers who are looking for new and exciting experiences.

Greg joined the tourism industry in Rwanda in 1997 when he started working as a local guide before going on to start his own tour company, Amahoro Tours, which brings together visitors to Rwanda with local community organisations and businesses.  

He also introduced community based tourism  in Musanze, consolidating his reputation as socially responsible and active in the regeneration of his country.

His objective within Amani is to apply the knowledge and experience he has gained through his Rwandan tour company, relating to the role of tourism in community healing and economic development, to the DRC, and is excited by the prospect of being part of the country’s recovery after years of conflict.

He believes that although Amani’s back story is as yet a short one, it will have a long story to tell in the future.